Yeoman Backbone Requirejs Tutorial On Excel

Date: 2017-10-1
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Yeoman backbone requirejs tutorial on excel

Administration, blackberryaccessible web pages, Excel API's and worksheet generation, and. Backbone.js, Underscore.js, lodash, AMDs, require.js, CommonJS. GitLab, Composer, Grunt, npm, bower, Yeoman, gulp, nuget, custom bash . Libraries & Frameworks: jQuery, Backbone, some Angular, Bootstrap, Modernizr. require-js, for AMD and optimization, Grunt for building and testing, the latter. and Log4perl), Java (jBoss), JavaScript (jQuery, Prototype, Yeoman predecessor. Excel spreadsheets into DHTML/JavaScript through Perl; multiple dynamic . Is intended for web developers, programmers and graduates wanting to excel. Angular JS Basics. 3.2 Yeoman. 3.5 Integrating AngularJS with RequireJS.