Tutorial Pivot Table Excel 2007 Bahasa Indonesia Pdf Reader

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Tutorial pivot table excel 2007 bahasa indonesia pdf reader

The Fundamentals. Ctrl + O. Open File. Ctrl + N. New File. Ctrl + P. Print. Ctrl + S. Save File. F12. Save File As. Ctrl + F4. Close File. Alt + F4. Close Excel. Esc. Show All. Comments. F5, Alt + S + C. Highlight Cells w/ Comments. Pivot Tables. Alt + N + V. Pivot Table. Filtering, Sorting & Validating. Alt + A + SS. Sort Data. Basic Pivot Tables. Pivot tables summarize data in a quick and easy way. In your job, you could use pivot tables to summarize actual expenses by fund type by object or total amounts. • Make sure you do not have any blank rows in your spreadsheet. The Pivot Table does not recognize blank rows, and will not include all of . Excel. Dapat mempraktikan menu dalam Microsoft. Excel berupa. • Memahami menu pada MS Excel. • Dapat membuat dan mengatur Tabel. • Dapat membuat Grafik /. Memanfaatkan fungsi logic. • Mempraktikan fungsi Finance, metode Pivot. Table. • Membuat dan menjalankan fungsi Makro. 5. Olah Data menggunakan. Mar 25, 2008. Download free books at microangelo.info. Excel 2007. 4. Contents. Contents. Introduction. 9. A Small Reader's Guide. 9. 1. What is New in Excel 2007. 11. 1.1. Ribbons and Tabs. 11. 1.2. Larger Workspace. 11. 1.3. More Colours. 11. 1.4. Colour Themes and Styles. 11. 1.5. Improved Pivot Tables. 11. 1.6. Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial Excel is a spreadsheet program in the Microsoft Office system. pivot the data in numerous. see the table below to understand the. 28 Mei 2014. Pusat Data dan Statistik Pendidikan. Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. Republik Indonesia. 2014. Modul Pembelajaran SPSS. (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) .