Shortridge Instruments Operations Manual

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Shortridge instruments operations manual

Knowing that inoperative or defective instruments are as detrimental to TSI as they are. 2 Operations in More Detail. 1 Operation and Service Manual 1980145. Co-operations during my presence at the clinics had made the study. and the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the. Shortridge-Baggett. Shortridge Instruments, Inc. 7855 East Redfield Road • Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. Phone (480) 991-6744 • Fax (480) 443-1267 • •. ELECTRONIC. BACKPRESSURE COMPENSATED. AIR BALANCE SYSTEM. FOR AIRFLOW ONLY. • DIRECT DIGITAL READOUT IN ENGLISH AND METRIC UNITS •. The serial communications port allows the user to download readings directly to a printer or a computer using the serial communications cable included with the meter. Readings may be automatically inserted into an Excel™ spreadsheet. Airflow and velocity readings may be displayed as either standard density mass flow . NEBB STANDARDS SECTION-9 HYDRONIC SYSTEM TAB PROCEDURES 9.1. Confirm that the automatic control devices will not adversely affect TAB operations. d. 6/16/15 1 of 7 indiana department of transportation office of materials management procedure for roadway field evaluation for temporary pavement marking tape, type i. VENTILATION SYSTEMS AND THERMAL CONDITIONS IN. Passive instruments (Petri plates) 2. using an AIRDATA Shortridge-ADM-850L balometer. • 25 TO 2000 CFM RANGE • SUPPLY AND EXHAUST • ELIMINATES AK FACTORS. (480) 443-1267 • ELECTRONIC BACKPRESSURE. Shortridge Instruments. The RS232 communications port allows the user to download readings to a printer or computer. Readings can be downloaded either individually or as a sequence from memory. Optional user-friendly software allows readings to be automatically inserted into an Excel™ or similar spreadsheet. Air velocity and flow readings . About this Manual. This manual explains how to set up, operate and maintain the Model 8371. ACCUBALANCE. ® Air Capture Hood. Read it thoroughly before using the instrument. Formatting and Typography. Note that step-by-step instructions are numbered in boldface type: 1, 2, 3, etc, set flush-left against the margin. Operations for calibration. instruments themselves). This memorandum provides a brief introduction to airdata measurement and calibration. Instruction Manual and Certificate of Calibration. STANDARD KIT PRICE. $2995.00. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: ADT-442 TemProbe: temperature probe, 1/8” $125.00 diameter x 4” long, stainless steel. ADT-446 TemProbe: temperature probe, 1/16” $125.00 diameter x 4” long, stainless steel. TRC-16 Temperature retractile . ICD 8 — Non-Conforming ICS. These interfaces are only needed to support advanced control operations not. EPICS Archiving Reference Manual (DRAFT. The DataFlow software has been tested on computers running the following Microsoft Windows operating systems: XP, Win2K, NT. NET installation is complete, the InstallShield Wizard will prompt the user to install. DataFlow. Click the. The meter must be turned on and set for the Manual reading mode. Any Automatic . OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE LIMITS: 40°F to 140°F. AIR DENSITY CORRECTION: Local air density correction range is. 14 to 40 in Hg and 32°F to 158°F. POSITION SENSITIVITY: Unaffected by position. CALIBRATION: Calibration certified NIST traceable. READOUT: 10 digit, 0.4", high contrast, liquid crystal display. These safety instructions describe the safety features of the LABGARD Model NU -813. For any operation of this unit, the operator must prepare clear and concise written instructions for operating and. The inflow velocity is measured by using a Direct Inflow Measurement (DIM) Instrument (i.e. Shortridge flowhood. AIRDATA™ MULTIMETER ADM-870. to this manual after July 2009 may be found at. requires the use of the Shortridge Instruments' Series 8400 Backpressure. Optional user- friendly software allows readings to be automatically inserted into an. Excel™ or similar spreadsheet. A standard pitot tube, or the straight AirFoil probe can be used for duct traverses and air velocity readings at exhaust hoods and laminar flow applications. No leveling, zeroing or range selection is necessary.