Kinetek Shoulder Cpm Manual

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Kinetek shoulder cpm manual

CPM Machine Accessories. Hip / Ankle / Foot CPM Machines. Shoulder CPM Machines. Elbow CPM Machines. Hand / Wrist CPM Machines. Trade-in & Rental. ARTROMOT® CPM devices are available for. – the shoulder. ARTROMOT®- K1 combines the best features of the time-tested ARTROMOT® knee machine. The KINETEC Centura B&W is a SHOULDER CONTINUOUS PASSIVE. Your machine can be used with all bed and wheelchair available on the market. Kinetek™ continuous passive motion (CPM). manual set-up mode, pad system and straps. 13-1150 Centura shoulder CPM. Continuous Passive Motion and Controlled Active Motion Devices. 00-0996-EN - Rev D Continuous Passive Motion and Controlled Active Motion. • The shoulder. For the patient, the KINETEC® Comfort Supports fit all. KINETEC® knee CPMs. The Comfort Supports attach to the knee CPM machine with straps, as shown. Operation Manual ARTROMOT. CPM device allows extension and flexion of the knee joint in the range of -1 0-0-125 degrees and of the hip joint in the range. User Manual Definition. Trolley for all CPM Cart for bed use Seat Adaptor Part number to order: Part number to order: Part number to order. The shoulder CPM made for immediate post-operative therapy • For use in bed or in a sitting position. professional and safe CPM rehabilitation therapy. Centura Anatomical Shoulder CPM Machine Utilizing technology from the CenturaAnatomical Shoulder CPM, Centura B/W is used while the patient lies in …. The Furniss Corporation 800 273 5233 Continuous Passive Motion Device (CPM) Operator Manual Phoenix Model 1800 Knee CPM. Continuous Passive Motion Shoulder & Elbow CPM Machine The Centura Environment is made up of 5 complementary and flexible machines making it possible to. The healthcare professional determines the CPM protocol to be used (set up. To activate BY-PASS MODE or MANUAL MODE, press the key for at least 3 seconds.