Indramat Clm Programming Manual

Sep 5, 2010. Revision A5 of the ProCam 1500 SFI User Manual covers all SFI. Indramat CLM-equipped servo feed with either IDS or SOT2 control panels only. • Reliance. running. Programming choices may be different as well. In this manual, we will present all the possible options available in SFI, but the available. Rexroth Indramat GmbH. INDRAMAT Hoffman Estates • 5150 Prairie Stone Parkway • Hoffman. Estates, IL 60192 • USA. Phone: 847-645-3600 • Fax: 847- 645-6201 microangelo.infoindramat. microangelo.infoESG1 (VH / HK). Title. Type of Documentation. Document Typecode. Internal File Reference. Purpose of  . Wintriss User Manuals. Wiring Diagrams at End of Manual. Figure 1 SmartPAC to Indramat CLM Feed Controller Direct Connect Mode. Figure 2 SmartPAC to Indramat CLM Feed Controller SOT Mode. Figure 3 SmartPAC to Indramat DKS Feed Controller Direct Connect Mode. Figure 4 SmartPAC to Indramat ECO DB- 15 . Sep 2, 1999. MAC Servo Drives with servo drive modules. Applications manual. DOK-ANAX**- TDM+KDS+MAC-AW02-EN-P mannesmann. Rexroth engineering. Indramat. Rexroth . DIAX02. microangelo.info03.1 Drive Controller -. Basic Unit. microangelo.info3.1- PRJ1-EN-P. Project Planning Manual mannesmann. Rexroth engineering. Indramat. 274262 . Mar 4, 2016. maximum productivity with a high degree of accuracy. Figure 1.2 Block Diagram. 1.1 About this Manual. This document is written for both operating personnel and the machine builder. It explains how to interface, install, setup and operate the Indramat CLM Positioning Control with LR01.3-006.3 and. The DDS 2.1 can be configured with most of the Indramat power supplies with a regulated 24V supply--an exception is the TVM 1.2. (Operating characteristics of the drive may vary between different supplies. See DDS 2.1 Selection Guide). This drive can also be mounted side by side with. Indramats other modular AC servo . Repair and training services are available from rexroth indramat. 1-3 1.1.2 how to use this manual. 1.3 physical description of the clm. It is intended as a quick reference manual for trained maintenance personnel. • to enable rapid identification of fault sources. • as an effective guide for rapid fault clearance, and. • for rapid and effective consulting with the machine manufacturer or. INDRAMAT customer service representative. This manual is intended for .