Digi Walker Cw-700s Manual

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Digi walker cw-700s manual

Measured steps using the previously validated Yamax Digiwalker SW-700 pedometer. 6. Design. manually log step counts daily, potentially improving data accuracy and completeness. Accusplit AH120M9, and now the Yamax CW-700. May 12, 2011. Digiwalker CW-700 pedometers (Yamax Corp, Kuma- moto, Japan) were. pedometer, and unit wearing instructions by a trained research . CW-300. CW-600. CW-700/701. Thank you for purchasing DlGI-WALKER. Please read the instruction manual carefully. I 1. USING DIGI-WALKER cw Series. Sia)Pedometer (n 2400), Digi-walker. CW-700; Yamax. (n 819), Digi-walker CW -700; Yamax. accurate reporting, written instructions on how to fill in the. SW-700. ·. ·. ·. Maak de stappenteller niet open, tenzij voor het verwisselen van de batterij. De stappenteller bevat een precisiemchanisme. Voorkom ook het. Yamax® Digi-Walker CW 700, Tokyo, Japan) for three consecutive days. the school audit tool manual, the general definition for each classification was: (0) . Objective: The Yamax Digi-Walker CW-701 (Yamax CW-701) is a low-cost pedometer that includes a. manually counted steps using a hand-tally counter. (Actual step + CW-701)/2. 450. 15. 5. 500. 500. 550. 450. 500. 550. 550. 600. 700. DIGI-WALKER®. CW-SERIES. CW-200. CW-3OO. CW-600. CW-700/701. Gracias por. Porfavor lea el manual de instrucciones detenidamente. I 1. LINEA DE . Thank you for purchasing DlGl-WALKER. Please read the instruction manual carefully. | 1. SW-SERIES LINE. Setting Button (SW-700/701, SW-BOO/. 801). | 5.