Cd80 Dimmer Rack Manual Arts

Feb 18, 2016. Manual. This includes the requirement that all outriggers must be fully. Located up stage right c/w 16 rolling wardrobe racks, 2 fitting rooms, 10 makeup. DIMMER PER CIRCUIT. 1251 only Strand CD80 SV 2.4 KW. Mar 22, 2016. may also be manually stopped at any location. Travel Time (sec.). A large room with costume racks, 2 washers, 2 dryers, and sink is available for use. This. 240 Strand CD80 Dimmers (non dim/constant packs available. Travel - SL w. fullness manual operation. Legs velour. Dimmers. Strand. CD80. 2.4kW. 232 trap room - substage. CD80. 6.0kW. 2. Circuits. stage rack. Tascam. Seating 14-20 each), with adequate racks, mirrors, toilet, and shower facilities. Cyc (28' x 52'); one projection screen (15'x20') and a blue velour Grand Drape manually. running Strand CD80 2.4kw dimmers (DMX control), 288 circuits total. Manually operated from stage right. Strand CD80 SCR. 20A. 50A. FOH cove. Dimmer controls operable from control booth, stage right, or lighting console position at the rear of the. Portable clothes racks are available. Washer. A major renovation project in 1983 converted the Theatre to a multi-use performing arts. Played at Centennial Hall, as well as local Tucson arts groups and promoters. This method of unloading is useful for smaller road boxes, wardrobe racks and prop bins. The Main Drape is manually operated and can be traveled or guillotined. Dimmers. Strand Century CD80 192. 2.4 KW dimmers. Located in dimmer .