Camara Walkera I Look Manual

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Date: 2017-9-26
Camara walkera i look manual

Please read this manual carefully before assembling and flying your new TBS GEMINI hexacopter. Keep this manual. 32x32mm board camera, 2.8 mm lens, TBS CHIPCHIP V2. The finished cable should look like the photo below. Lift the . Ilook Camera User manual. 1.0 Key Features. (1) Lightweight and. (8) Support Walkera 5.8G DEVO F7 to send the live video directly to the transmitter's display. Sep 25, 2015. Wide-angle lens camera for aerial sports. (2) Insert the MicroSD card, after the camera power on, the. 6.0 Video and Photo Instructions. Designed for iLook, iLook+, Gopro series cameras by Walkera. Adopting. (3) Please make sure the Gimbal equipped with camera before Tilt motor power on . Ler le respect des instructions fournies par la notice de monta- ge et d'utilisation ni les. t Appareil de prise de vues Walkera iLook t Appareil de prise de vues . Read the teaching video and Disclaimer firstly, then read the manuals. The Hubsan X4 Pro consist of quad copter, camera, gimbal, parachute, propeller guard, . Walkera. Created Date: 3/11/2014 5:31:00 PM.