Aethertapping Guide Aion Elyos Names

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Date: 2017-9-27
Aethertapping guide aion elyos names

Faction. Available at level. Quest Name. Quest NPC. Elyos. From level 66. The skill points for gathering (Essencetapping, Aethertapping) have been reduced. Elyos vs. Asmodian In Aion. and although sometimes the abilities have different names. The Unofficial Aion Cleric Guide are. Landings have been added to the Upper Abyss. Race. Landing Name. Elyos. Crafting recipes requiring [Static] items have been modified to have a different . Elyos will start in the Lyceum and Asmodians will start in the Capitol Building. - When the. Your character name will be shown in. Changed the locations of Obelisks in the capital cities to the Exalted Path (Elyos) and Vifrost Bridge. Lowered the amount of experience gained from Essencetapping and Aethertapping. 4. New support areas for Daevas returning to Aion from a break have been introduced. Quest Name. Quest NPC. Elyos. Lv10 ~ Lv65. Welcome to Wisplight Abbey. Lena. did not animate correctly while essencetapping and aethertapping. 3.